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Jean Todt and Team 2013

Re-elected on a platform for progress

Following his re-election for a second term at this morning’s FIA Annual General Assembly, President Jean Todt addressed federation members to outline his vision for the future of mobility, motor sport and the FIA itself.   The PDF document of the speech is available for download:  

The road forward

The Road Forward: 2013-2017 Platform

Four years ago, in seeking a mandate from FIA member clubs, we presented you with a vision of what our federation could become – a stronger, more accessible, more financially secure organisation dedicated to meeting the needs of clubs and ASNs around the globe. In order to create an FIA capable of meeting those challenges,…


Review, Restructure, Reform

One of the core goals of the FIA has always been to assist member clubs fulfil their potential, to grow stronger and to become successful at every level of operation. At the root of this process is the belief that organisations can only be successful if they are supported and structured to deliver the outcomes…

A community working together

A community working together

In the Road Map to Renewal document issued by Jean Todt and his team during the 2009 election campaign two of the key stated goals for Mobility were “to improve the value membership of the FIA offers to clubs” and for the FIA “to provide the necessary framework for clubs both large and small to…

Building a brighter future for motor sport

Building a brighter future for motor sport

Under the stewardship of Jean Todt and his team, the world of motor sport is in a far healthier state than four years ago. Series that were under threat have been stabilised and reinvigorated, key agreements have been renegotiated and renewed for others and, crucially, a number of exciting new championships have been created that…

Structured for the future

Structured for the future

As part of the process of modernisation of the FIA, a number of important changes have been made to the federation’s administrative structure to ensure a better service for member clubs, greater internal efficiency, cost reduction and increased revenues. In order to improve club access at every level of the our operations, the Statutes Review…

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