Selling Your Hot Rod Online

A classic hot rod is a great investment. Muscle heads and car enthusiasts alike love a good hot rod, and their value only goes up if they are well-cared for over the years.

Though it may be inconceivable to think of now, there may be a time when you will want to sell your classic hot rod. You may want to sell it so you can buy your next dream classic car, or you may just need the money for other things. Here are a few of the best places to sell your hot rod online to maximize the selling price:


Your local classifieds are a powerful resource for selling anything, but they are especially useful for selling a hot rod. You can reach thousands of potential buyers. You’ll be able to find all those other classic car enthusiasts who know the real value of your car and are willing to pay for it. You’ll be able to sell your car faster and for more money when you list it in the classifieds. By choosing the online classifieds, you’ll gain access to an even wider audience.

Online Magazines

Some online magazines specialize in auto trading. If you have one in your community, you might have some success listing your hot rod for sale here. The audience will be more limited, and you will have to pay money for your listing. However, if you write a good ad, you should be able to sell your hot rod for what you’d like. When you’re selling a quality vehicle like a Jeep, used vehicles will sell for a nice amount.

Online Auctions

Online market places make it easy to sell anything you like to anyone in the world. You can even sell your hot rod through an online auction. You’ll be taking a risk, but it’s one that could pay off in a big way. The risk is that you won’t get enough bidders to drive up the selling price to where you want it. You can protect yourself by setting a reserve price, but this can discourage bidding.

Online auctions may put you in touch with more buyers — but not all of them may be interested in paying shipping. For example, shipping a Jeep Wrangler cross country can get pretty expensive. Weigh the costs and benefits to determine if this is the right outlet for your sale.

The right venue is critical to the success of the sale of your classic hot rod. Start with your online classifieds, then try your luck in online magazines or auction places.